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Takeaways from the 2022 Developer Insights Survey

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“Takeaways from the 2022 Developer Insights Survey ”


2022 marks the third running of our annual SAP Developer Insights Survey. As always, I’d like to extend a genuine “thank you” to everyone who took the time to participate and provide our insights. Thank you.

We just published the report, which summarizes the key takeaways.

SAP’s developer audience is quite experienced. About 58% of respondents reported 6+ years of professional SAP project experience.

For our developer audience, ERP and the Digital Core are the most common SAP application integration points, with 81% of respondents having built SAP ERP or Digital Core extensions in the past year.YouTube and LinkedIn are the best non-SAP sites for connecting with other developers.

And here are a few extra observations of my own:

1.Organic search engines such as Google have become the dominant starting point for your information searches when looking for help. We have observed this also from our web analytics and continue to build this into our strategy. Improving organic search is an ongoing activity for us. In addition, we will look for ways to better organize related information, whether that’s through improving our externally facing structure or simply improving our tagging of existing content.

2.Videos are an increasingly popular learning format. If you subscribe to our SAP Developers YouTube Channel, you can see that we’re continuing to increase our investment in developer-oriented video content. If you haven’t seen that channel or have not visited recently – well – you should.

I want to point out that we take the data we gather seriously for our programs and product strategy. There might be information in the report that will be useful to you or your organization as well. Take some time and have a look

If you have questions about the results, or thoughts you’d like to share, drop a comment and we are looking forward to the discussion.

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